Xenon1T, Dark Side, Dark Side_05

Enrico Sacchetti | Italy, 2012-2016

Xenon1T, Dark Side, Dark Side_05

What does the search for dark matter look like?

These images capture the machinery used in experiments researching dark matter. The XENON1T chamber is the largest and most sensitive dark matter detector in the world; DarkSide, located at the Gran Sasso Laboratory in central Italy, is designed for the direct detection of dark-matter particles.


Enrico Sacchetti is a science and technology photographer, working in both stills and motion, based between London and Rome. His work has been published in major journals like New Scientist, Popular Science, Scientific American and Nature. This exhibit is displayed with special thanks to the Gran Sasso Laboratory and the Italian National Institute of Nuclear Physics

Instagram: @enrico_sacchetti_photography