Through the AEgIS

Semiconductor | United Kingdom, 2017

Through the AEgIS

Why is there more matter than antimatter in the universe?

The delicate, tiny lines on this animation could be mistaken for scratches on an everyday surface – a table, a phone screen, a dirty window. They are, in fact, violent collisions between matter and antimatter, along with tracks of newly created particles, all of which are too small to see with the human eye. Captured by the AEgIS experiment at CERN, which looks at how antimatter responds to gravity, you see pions, protons and nuclear fragments flying out from ‘annihilation sites’.


Semiconductor is made up of artists Ruth Jarman and Joe Gerhardt. Over the past 20 years, they have become known for a unique and innovative body of moving image works, sculptures and installations which explore the material nature of our physical world and how we experience it through the lens of science and technology.

Instagram: @semiconductor_artists