The Encyclopedia of Invisibility

Tavares Strachan | Bahamas, 2018

The Encyclopedia of Invisibility

What happens to the information that gets left behind?

Encyclopedias (even online versions) have authors who determine what is important enough to write about – so what happens to all the information that is left out, or that never made it into a standard reference book to begin with? This encyclopedia’s 15,000 entries describe people, places, objects, concepts, artworks, and scientific phenomena that are hard to see and difficult to ascertain. Some of the topics of these entries are rare or intangible, existing only through their replication in literature or cultural references; some have been changed or altered beyond recognition. Much like the format of the encyclopedia itself, they are rarely used as contemporary references.


Tavares Strachan’s ambitious and open-ended practice examines the intersection of art, science, and the environment, and has included collaborations with numerous organizations and institutions across the disciplines.

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