Gravitational Solitary Solitary Choreography Beta Scorpii Built By: A Solo Nephila Senegalensis - Three Weeks, and a Solo Psechrus Jaegeri - Four Week

Tomas Saraceno | Argentina, 2018

Gravitational solitary

What can spiderwebs teach us about the universe?

As different spiders from different species weave in the same space, bridging the architectures of each other’s webs, sensory worlds and lines of communication merge and connect: the web can be considered a tangible extension of the spider’s sensorial and cognitive systems, making the invisible visible.


Tomás Saraceno is best known for his large-scale, interactive installations and floating sculptures, and for his interdisciplinary approach to art. His work explores new, sustainable ways of sensing and inhabiting the environment, the result of research into the origins of the observable universe, arachnology and the potential future for airborne dwelling.

Instagram: @studiotomassaraceno