With 95% of the universe a mystery, what role do artists and scientists have in unravelling and understanding the unknown? How can we begin to look for something that we can’t even define? INVISIBLE highlights the critical role of science, art and philosophy in imagining the unseen and questioning the invisible.

Bringing together scientific research, artistic expression, storytelling and philosophy to communicate and explore the limits of human knowledge and our fascination with the unknown, INVISIBLE investigates fundamental physics, matter and materiality, concepts of invisibility and infinite divisibility, and the human quest for absolute truth and knowledge.

INVISIBLE also examines the invisibility of the people who work in science, and how minority voices have been historically excluded or under-represented in science, engineering and technology. Our understanding of the world shifts, depending on who is telling the story - so take a trip into the unknown and unknowable with us, and change your perspective on what it means to be seen.

INVISIBLE originated at Science Gallery at King’s College London in 2019, titled DARK MATTER and conceived by curator Sandra Ross.